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DCC provides you with our real-time, point-of-sales and e-commerce, currency conversion service for foreign-currency credit card transactions. DCC’s currency conversion service enables customers with foreign-currency credit cards to pay in their home currency at the point of sales in Thailand or in the merchant’s website in the Internet, converting the Thai baht price into the cardholder’s home-currency immediately. Our service helps offset normal costs for the merchant because the merchant gets a rebate on the net turnover of foreign-currency credit card transactions with currency conversion.

DCC’s system will process VISA and MasterCard credit cards denominated in the following currencies: USD, GBP, SGD, BHD, CAD, HKD, IDR, ILS, KRW, CHF, MYR, NZD, CNY, DKK, INR, JPY, KWD, ZAR, OMR, EUR, QAR, RUB, SAR, LKR, NOK, SEK, TWD, AUD, AED, BND, NPR, BDT, MOP, BRL, CZK, EGP, GIP, LVL, NGN, VND, BZD, HUF, PHP, PLN, UAH, TRY


Card present solution (Point-of-Sale)

This environment enables dynamic currency conversion and includes a point-of-sale terminal at the merchant cashier or check-out counter.

EDC terminal – This solution provides your business with your own EDC (Electronic Data Capture also called the Point-of-Sale terminal) that automatically presents your customer with a receipt and the opportunity to pay in their home currency.

The credit card details are read by the EDC terminal, which identifies the home currency of the credit card and converts the local currency amount into the cardholder’s home currency. The cashier offers the cardholder to pay in his/her home currency. The cardholder signs a receipt that shows the local currency amount, rate of exchange and the home currency amount of the final bill. Our service guarantees that this exact home currency amount will be debited to the cardholder account, and the exact local currency amount will be credited to the merchant’s account.


Card not present solutions (Internet)

This environment enables dynamic currency conversion for internet online payments.

V-EDC – Virtual EDC gives your customer the opportunity to pay in their home currency when the cardholder’s card is not present. Suitable for kiosks, call centers or merchants who accept email or telephone orders.

E-commerce – Enables your business website with dynamic currency conversion capability.
This solution will please your customers by giving them the opportunity to pay in their home currency when purchasing online at your e-commerce enabled website.

The acquiring bank and its merchant profit with additional revenue earned from the foreign exchange conversion process in all our solutions.

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